Woodstock Family Law Lawyer

When your family is undergoing serious changes that require legal filings and hearings, it’s critical to hire a Woodstock family law lawyer who can pursue a fair outcome and fight for the best interests of your children. At Speights Law, we know how difficult it can be to go through a divorce, seek child custody changes, or even file for adoption.

No matter what type of family legal matters you’re going through, you can count on our team to do what’s right for your case. We have over 20 years of experience handling cases like yours and are confident we can bring your case to a favorable conclusion.

Types of Family Law Matters a Lawyer Can Help You With

At Speights Law, we’ve helped countless families work through a variety of different legal matters. We’re confident that we have the experience, legal knowledge, and resources required to help you tackle nearly any legal challenge your family faces. 

You can rely on our team to provide compassionate counsel and effective representation for any of the following matters:


Filing for a divorce can be an incredibly emotional experience. Our family law lawyers in Woodstock can offer support and represent you throughout legal proceedings, making the process as simple as possible. Our team can assist you in preparing and filing necessary legal documents, including petitions and financial statements.

We’ll also represent you during the mediation process, where we’ll work hard to reach an agreement regarding child custody, visitation rights, spousal support, and division of assets and property

If an agreement isn’t reached during mediation, we’ll take your case to court and present evidence and legal arguments, ensuring you have the best chance of getting a fair outcome.

Child Custody Modification

Sometimes, the initial custody arrangement from a divorce becomes unsustainable, making a change necessary. For example, if the other parent of your children moves to another state or begins experiencing severe health issues that stop them from providing adequate care, you might need to change your custody arrangement to relieve them of certain responsibilities.

To modify a custody arrangement, you’ll have to prove that circumstances have changed so much since the original custody arrangement was agreed upon that a change is critical to preserving the best interests of your children. 

The attorneys from our firm can gather the evidence required to prove that a custody modification is essential. We can also represent you during legal proceedings, including court hearings, ensuring you have the best chance of getting an outcome that protects the well-being and safety of your children.


Not all family law matters are emotionally stressful. In fact, some, like adoption, are joyous occasions that expand your family. However, just because filing for adoption is a more positive experience doesn’t mean it comes without any challenges or legal hurdles to overcome. 

The truth is that filing for adoption can be a complicated legal process that requires a highly experienced attorney. Fortunately, our family law lawyers in Woodstock have helped countless families like yours successfully file for independent adoptions, step-child adoptions, and adult adoptions. 

We can take care of all the paperwork and filings, making sure to take all the steps necessary to finalize this new addition to your family.  

Why Our Woodstock Family Law Attorneys Are the Right Choice for Your Case

When you’re going through one of life’s toughest challenges, you need a highly experienced legal representative to fight in your corner. At Speights Law, our lawyers are exactly the team you need to navigate this challenging time and reach a resolution that benefits your family.

Our firm consists of former prosecutors and several seasoned trial attorneys. Our diverse legal backgrounds give us the in-depth knowledge and resources required to get the best results possible for your case. 

Once you’ve learned more about our team, you’ll realize that our aggressive representation, client-focused approach, and commitment to getting positive results are exactly what you need to make it through this complicated time in your life. 

Schedule a Consultation With a Woodstock Family Law Attorney

Whether you are looking to make an addition to your family, seeking legal representation for a divorce, or attempting to file for a custody modification, our team is here for you. We’ll provide compassionate legal support and fight relentlessly to achieve a settlement or arrangement that meets your and your family’s needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Woodstock family law lawyer. They’ll meet with you to discuss your current situation and advise you on your legal options moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you soon and representing your best interests at every step of the legal process.