Guide to Stepparent and Relative Adoptions in Georgia

Your Guide to Stepparent and Relative Adoptions in Georgia

A complete legal guide on what you need to know about stepparent and relative adoptions in Georgia, including the costs and steps.
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Can I Get Joint 50/50 Custody of My Child In Georgia?

Here’s an overview of how child custody is decided in Georgia, the issues that influence the judge’s decision, and the circumstances under which a 50/50 joint custody arrangement is most likely.
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What You Need to Know About High Net Worth Divorce In Cherokee County

Divorce is rarely either simple or easy, but when the financial stakes are higher and the assets more complex, the whole ordeal can become even more fraught.
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All You Need To Know About Attorney Fees for Divorce in Canton

Going through a divorce is hard enough without worrying about the cost and how you’ll pay for it. You may be wondering what to expect in terms of billing and fees, and what to expect for your money. Here are some answers to common attorney fee questions.
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12 Mistakes People Make When Filing for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

In Georgia you are allowed to file for bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. However, this is not advisable. Here's why.
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The Benefits Of Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy comes with a certain amount of stigma in the United States, so it might seem strange to consider the benefits of a bankruptcy filing. But for some people struggling with insurmountable debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can represent a fresh start, and a chance to get their financial lives back on track. We have seen this process first-hand.
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