Canton Family Law Lawyer

If you’re facing a family legal matter like divorce, a change in custody, or even an adoption, it’s essential that you hire an experienced attorney. A lawyer can offer the guidance and representation you need to protect you and your children’s best interests.

At Speights Law, our attorneys have over 20 years of experience handling family law cases like yours. Our team consists of several former prosecutors and seasoned trial attorneys who can get the results you deserve. You’ll be glad you hired a Canton family law lawyer from our team when you witness the commitment and legal knowledge they bring to the table.

Family Law Cases a Canton Lawyer Can Help You With

When your family is going through a custody dispute or another family-related legal matter, you want to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Therefore, you’ll want to work with a legal representative who has experience handling cases like yours and bringing them to positive conclusions.

At Speights Law, we’ve worked with countless clients on a number of different family legal matters. You can count on our Canton family law lawyers to do what’s right for your case if you and your family are involved in one of the following legal matters:


If you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably worried about protecting your assets, dividing property fairly, and, if you have children, negotiating a custody and child support arrangement that serves the best interests of your little ones. The good news is that our team has negotiated many successful divorces in the past and can take the necessary steps to ensure yours goes smoothly.

Here’s how our family law attorneys can ensure you get a fair outcome that protects the well-being and safety of your children:

  • Gather evidence and prepare important documents
  • Represent you during mediation sessions and other divorce proceedings
  • Negotiate a divorce that meets your and your children’s needs
  • Fight for you in court
  • Answer any questions you have about your case and offer clear legal guidance

As mentioned above, your attorney will represent you during mediation. During mediation, you, your attorney, your spouse, and their representative will sit down, usually in separate rooms, not together, and try to reach a resolution that’s agreeable to both parties involved. If an agreement isn’t reached, you can take your case to court, where your attorney will fight for a just outcome. 

Modification of Child Custody

Unfortunately, once your divorce has been finalized, there are still other family legal issues that can arise. For example, if you, your ex, or your child experience a major life change that conflicts with your current child custody order, you might have to pursue a custody modification. 

When seeking a custody change, you always want to prioritize your child’s best interests. At Speights Law, we understand that your child’s mental health, physical safety, and education are the most important aspects of a custody modification case. We’ll work hard to reach a custody agreement that works for all parties involved.

In some cases, you might have to petition the court to get the modifications your children need. If that’s the case, our Canton family law attorneys will gather evidence that shows your circumstances have changed since the initial child custody order was put in place. We’ll argue that a modification to the current order is critical to your children’s welfare.


Filing for adoption can come with a number of legal obstacles that can be hard to address without a seasoned attorney. Luckily, our team can guide you through the adoption process and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and filed correctly.

Whether you’re filing for an independent adoption, attempting to adopt a stepchild, or trying to finalize an adult adoption, a family law attorney from our team can help. We’ll draw on our extensive legal knowledge and experience to help you make an addition to your family. 

A Family Law Firm You Can Trust With Your Case

The three words that describe our firm the best are “Experience, Persistence, and Results.” That’s because our highly seasoned attorneys fight relentlessly until they get the results our clients deserve. In addition to providing aggressive representation in the courtroom, our lawyers also foster strong communication with clients.

We always take a client-centered approach to family law cases, which means we’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, provide regular updates, and prioritize your best interests at all times. Our client-focused services begin with an initial consultation, during which we’ll ask about your situation and explain your best course of legal action.

Schedule a Consultation With a Canton Family Law Attorney

When family-related changes require legal intervention, it’s best to involve a skilled attorney. At Speights Law, our team has handled cases like yours since 2001. Throughout our careers, we’ve gained knowledge and made connections that can be invaluable to your case.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Canton family law lawyer. They’ll assess your situation and answer any questions you have about your case. You’ll benefit from our experience and commitment to client success.