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If You Want to Modify A Custody Agreement in Canton, Speights Law Can Help

Canton, Georgia is a beautiful and charming city nestled between the city of Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This vibrant community is home to cultural institutions like the Historic Canton Theatre and the Cherokee Cultural Arts Center, plus many parks and trails.

Families with young children are also drawn to the area for the schools. In 2020, Cherokee County was named #14th in the state by Niche, making it one of the highest-ranking counties in the Metro Atlanta area.

Canton families occasionally find that their custody arrangements need to be modified. Perhaps one parent is moving out of state or has become unable to provide a safe living environment for your children.

Before you can modify your custody agreement, you will need to petition the court. If you and your co-parent agree to the proposed changes, this could be a smooth process. But if you disagree, you will want an experienced Cherokee County attorney to represent you. Speights Law has the expertise to help you get the best outcome for your child.

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Why Do I Need an Attorney for My Canton Modified Custody Case?

Custody can be, understandably, an emotional issue. It is easy for tempers to flare, and all too often, the proceedings become contentious.

Experienced legal representation can help mediate tensions between you and your ex-spouse. When attorneys are present, the proceedings are often less emotional.

But that doesn’t mean your lawyer will capitulate to the demands of the other party. At Speights Law, we will fight for your rights. Whether your ex is challenging your current custody agreement or you need to propose changes to it, we can help.

Modifying A Custody Agreement Isn’t Easy.
Speights Law Can Help You.

We will put your needs first and work for the solution that will most benefit you and your children.

Changing a custody agreement can be fraught, and it is easy to feel defeated before the proceedings begin. Remember that despite the friction, it is all in service of giving your children the best life possible.

An experienced attorney will advocate for the welfare of your children. Don’t risk your case to just any law firm – trust the experts at Canton’s top family law firm. The Speights Law team will work to have your new custody agreement finalized quickly and efficiently.

What is the difference between physical and legal custody?

Physical custody includes where the children live

Physical Custody

Legal custody is about how the children are raised

Legal Custody

Physical custody refers to where a child lives and how much time their parents spend with them.

Generally, Georgia courts are reluctant to give parents a 50/50 physical custody agreement. While this might seem like the best option on paper, in practice, it can be difficult to sustain.

Courts usually prefer assigning primary physical custody to one parent, and naming the other the secondary parent. Your legal representative will work with the courts to determine the exact visitation agreement in your parenting plan.

Legal custody is the legal right of a parent to have decision-making authority regarding the way the child is raised. Georgia courts often rule in favor of joint legal custody, meaning that both parents get equal say on major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.

“Major decisions” refer to four categories of judgments: the child’s religious upbringing, medical care, extracurricular activities, and education.

Canton’s Modified Custody Experts

Changing a custody agreement can be frustrating and overwhelming. You may feel like there is no one on your side. With Speights Law, that is never the case.

We have the experience to help you secure the custody agreement that will best serve your family. We will work to keep your children safe and in the care of loving, responsible parents.