How To Find the Best Female Divorce Attorney in Cherokee County

The Speights Law Team of Female Family Law Attorneys Will Help You Successfully Navigate the Divorce Process

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during a divorce is hiring the right divorce attorney.

A lot of people wonder: Is it better to hire a male or female divorce lawyer?

While many people think of male divorce lawyers as being tough fighters in court – the big guns you hire in case things get contentious – the truth of the matter is that many of the most aggressive divorce lawyers are women, and being aggressive in court is not how most successful divorce cases are settled.

Why You Should Hire a Female Attorney To Represent You In Your Cherokee County Divorce

Why You Should Hire a Female Attorney To Represent You In Your Cherokee County Divorce

If you are a woman seeking a divorce in Cherokee County, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the process and unsure about how things will go.

The family law attorneys at Speights Law understand that uneasy feeling, and lawyers Amanda Speights and Holly Holliman pride themselves on helping their female clients feel supported and heard throughout the process.

Unlike some law firms that treat you like just another routine divorce case, the divorce lawyers at Speights Law understand how personal, emotional and scary the divorce process can be.

Women Understand What Women Are Going Through in a Divorce

Women Understand What Women Are Going Through in a Divorce

Issues like child custody can trigger deep fear for mothers during a divorce, and concerns about financial stability can cause incredible levels of stress.

The female attorneys at Speights Law understand how real these concerns are for their clients, and they make sure to listen and help manage expectations – and allay fears – every step of the way.

Men Can Benefit From Having a Female Attorney in a Divorce, Too

Men Can Benefit From Having a Female Attorney in a Divorce, Too

Men need to feel supported during a divorce, too, and worrying about issues like child custody or finances isn’t just something that happens to women.

Many men worry they’ll lose custody rights because they might not look like caring fathers in court, or that they’ll seem selfish if they try to preserve their financial assets during a divorce.

Moreover, it’s hard not to consider that with only men on your side of the negotiating table, there is always the risk of looking like you’re callously bullying or railroading your female spouse.

An experienced female divorce attorney can make the process feel more collaborative and help level the field in court during divorce and child custody disputes.

Having a female perspective can be helpful during divorce negotiations, too, and it can lead to easier agreements during mediation, collaborative divorce, and in the courtroom.

A female family lawyer can also fight tenaciously for the right property and asset division and negotiate fair spousal and child support agreements that benefit everyone involved.

The Different Types of Divorce Proceedings

The Different Types of Divorce Proceedings


Mediation is a legal technique that couples may choose to use when they are going through a divorce, but prefer not to do it in court.

In mediation, an unbiased mediator listens to both parties and works with them to find a compromise on their differences. With the help of a mediator and a skilled attorney counseling them through the process, most clients are able to resolve otherwise contested cases in mediation.

The Speights Law family lawyers are very experienced at handling divorces that involve mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is similar to going through arbitration, but there is not an arbiter or 3rd party involved. It is typically done one-on-one, with each person having an attorney present to help work out the details.

The attorneys work in a collaborative manner to resolve the case in the best way possible for the clients. If the couple cannot reach an amicable solution, however, a different tactic to resolve differences will need to be used.

The female divorce attorneys of Speights Law are expert negotiators and very experienced with these types of divorce proceedings.

Contested or Uncontested Divorce

When a couple has resolved all of the major issues in their divorce, it is considered an uncontested divorce and, in many cases, the divorce proceedings may happen much quicker than in other types of divorce.

If the divorce is contested, meaning that the couple is unable to agree on matters such as child custody, division of property, or perhaps even the actual decision to be divorced, the divorce will be considered contested. These types of divorces generally go to court, where a judge will hear arguments from both sides.

Whether you are seeking an uncontested divorce or wind up involved in a contentious court battle, the skilled litigators at Speights Law will ensure you are well-represented.

Fault vs. No-Fault Divorce

 When a spouse claims fault in a divorce, it generally means that abuse or adultery was present in the marriage and certain legal ramifications may follow. Although it is still possible to file with “fault” in a divorce, it is not as common as it once was. Most Georgia divorces are no-fault divorces, meaning that the couple has decided to legally end their marriage based on irreconcilable differences, with no mention of cause or a person blamed for causing the breakup.

The family lawyers at Speights Law have ample experience with both no-fault and fault divorce proceedings and can help you successfully navigate your case in the Cherokee County courts.

Meet Our Team of Highly Experienced Female Divorce Attorneys

Meet Our Team of Highly Experienced Female Divorce Attorneys

 Speights Law is proud of our capable, all-female team of family lawyers, considered to be among the best litigators and negotiators in Cherokee County.

Meet the talented legal minds behind our success:

 Amanda Speights

Amanda Speights of Speights Law, PC is thought of by many as one of the best divorce and family law attorneys in Cherokee County.

As co-founder and the lead family law attorney at Speights Law, PC, Ms. Speights is an experienced family lawyer who knows how to get things done. She has experience arguing and winning cases in every court in Georgia from the courts in Cherokee County to the Georgia Supreme Court.

What distinguishes Ms. Speights from other aggressive divorce attorneys in the area is her unique ability to not only grasp the facts of the case, but also her compassion and understanding for the difficult situation her client is facing. This allows her to create a professional working relationship that is based on mutual respect.

With over 10 years of experience in the courtroom, Amanda knows that no two divorces are the same. While some divorces are relatively easy to resolve, others may have complexities that only a seasoned attorney can recognize and handle.

Holly Holliman

Divorce attorney Holly Holliman joined the Speights Law team in 2021. She specializes in divorce, custody, and family law cases. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Holliman thrives in the courtroom.

When she was a prosecutor, Holly focused on crimes against children and aggressively fought to protect children from their abusers. Holly’s passion to advocate for children was a driving force behind her eventual transition to family law.

A skilled negotiator, Holly works to achieve the best resolution for her clients, whether through pretrial negotiations or in court.

Holly enjoys family law because she can continue to use her voice and courtroom skills to advocate for children others in need. Our clients always feel confident they are in the best of hands with her representing their interests

Women We Have Helped Like You

“A few months ago, I was in a desperate legal situation concerning the custody of my children. I called a ton of law firms to get legal advice and see what my rights were.  I had a lot of response, but none compared to the phone conversation I had with Amanda Speights with Speights Law Firm.  She did not just give me a response she gave me hope.  She is an amazing lawyer who fought for my rights and the rights of my children.”

 “Thank you so much for all of your help in presenting the case and getting the outcome we so desperately wanted and needed! We cannot thank you enough! We seriously feel as if a weight has been lifted off of us and are so happy [my son] will continue in the life he knows and will be safe and happy!”

 “Since the divorce and change in visitation schedule [my daughter] has brought up all her failing grades! You have made a huge impact in both our lives and for that I’m forever grateful!’

Put Your Faith in the Attorneys Who Care

Put Your Faith in the Attorneys Who Care

 When you have a family law issue, you want an attorney who understands you are going through one of the most difficult periods of time in your life. The family lawyers at Speights Law not only care about a winning outcome; they will fight for your family as if it were their own.

Speights Law can represent you in many areas of family law, including divorce, child custody issues, child support modifications, spousal support, and even pre-nuptial agreements.

If you’re facing a divorce, know that you don’t have to go it alone. Contact us today at (770) 479-1500 to schedule a free consultation.