When Can Police Legally Search my Vehicle?

By Archie Speights / December 9, 2018 /

In general, police cannot search your car without a warrant or your permission. However, it is important to understand the exceptions to that rule to make sure your rights are not being violated.

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Police Need a Warrant to Track You by Your Cell Phone

By Archie Speights / June 28, 2018 /

Until last week, it was a practice by law enforcement officers in Georgia to locate fleeing suspects or establish someone’s location by contacting cell phone providers, who would willingly triangulate a suspect’s whereabouts using the information “pinged” back and forth to cell phone towers by that suspect’s phone.

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Do You Need an Alcohol Test or “to Blow” to be Convicted of DUI?

By Archie Speights / July 14, 2017 /

After a fun night out in downtown Woodstock, the police greet you with blue lights in your rear view mirror. You may ask yourself, if I do not submit to a blood alcohol test or “blow” can I still be charged with DUI?

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