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If You’re Looking to Adopt a Child or Adult in Waleska, Speights Law Can Help

Waleska is a gorgeous, warm college town just north of Canton, Georgia.

This mountain town is also called the “Marble Capital of Georgia.” It is well known for the distinct the pink marble that occurs in the area and is showcased in landmarks like the Tate House.

Local sights include the Sharp Mountain Vineyards and the golf courses at Big Canoe or Bent Tree. Atlantans frequently make the jaunt up I-75 to enjoy the gorgeous scenery that residents enjoy each day.

Cherokee County residents and business owners deserve discretion and expertise as they navigate the complications of family law cases. If you need an adoption attorney in Waleska, contact Speights Law right away.

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Why Do I Need an Attorney for my
Waleska Adoption Case?

While you do not legally need an attorney to file for adoption in Waleska under Georgia law, having one is highly recommended. The list of legal requirements for any adoption is long and the paperwork required is extensive and full of legal jargon.

We can help you cut through the red tape and fulfill all the requirements for successful and happy adoption. Speights Law knows the Cherokee County court system inside and out, and we have the experience to help your adoption proceed smoothly and be finalized as quickly as possible.

Whether you need representation for an independent adoption, relative adoption, stepparent adoption or an adult adoption, Speights can help you. Don’t take a chance by hiring a less experienced firm or trying to go it alone – the stakes are way too high.

Waleska’s Adoption Experts

Many families in Waleska are looking to adopt, but don’t understand the legal issues involved.

The family law attorneys at Speights Law can educate you about the process in Cherokee County and help you navigate it properly.

We will work to ensure your adoption is done correctly, so you won’t have to worry about legal challenges down the line. Our attorneys have helped many families in the Waleska area achieve a happy and successful adoption.

The Adoption Process Isn’t Always Easy. Speights Can Help

We will make sure your Waleska adoption filing is done right and that your legal rights are protected.

Adoption isn’t just a matter of filling out forms – there are complex legal issues involved. Parental rights may need to be surrendered, your fitness as a parent needs to be assessed, and there can be a lot of competing interests at play.

Going about the process wrong may mean your petition is denied or that you and your family face devastating and costly delays. There are even situations where you may incur legal repercussions or challenges to your adoption if everything is not handled correctly.

Don’t risk your family’s future by hiring the wrong firm – hire the experts at Speights, the top family law firm in the Waleska area.

Meet the Waleska’s Best Adoption Attorneys

Adoption law experts Amanda Speights, Jennifer Geller, and Holly Varner are experienced in all types of Georgia adoptions.


Amanda Speights

Amanda Speights is co-founder and lead family law attorney at Speights Law. She graduated first in her class at John Marshall Law School in 2009 and won numerous awards and recognitions during her time there.

Amanda has more than 10 years’ experience in the courtroom and has argued and won cases before every court in Georgia. She is equally at home arguing cases before the Georgia Supreme Court and fighting for the rights of clients in the family courts of Cherokee County.

Her insight into the many complexities of family law as well as her compassion and understanding for her clients has earned her a reputation as being one of the best divorce attorneys in Canton.


Jennifer Geller

Jennifer Geller has been a family law attorney with Speights since 2018. She graduated summa cum laude with honors from the University of Georgia in 2006 and graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in 2009.

Geller worked as a prosecutor in Ohio and Georgia before coming to work in family law at Speights. She has litigated nearly every type of case there is and represented parties on both sides of family law cases. Her experience as a prosecutor has made her an aggressive trial attorney, and she is passionate about her work as an advocate for children and families of Canton.

Hollly Varner

Holly Varner

Holly Varner joined the Speights law team in 2021 and specializes in divorce, custody and family law cases. After getting her law degree from Georgia State University in 2006, she worked as a Cherokee County prosecutor and later as Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney.

Varner is passionate about protecting the interests of children and brings a prosecutor’s tenacity to her family law cases. She works tirelessly to achieve the best resolution for her divorce clients, both in pre-trial negotiations and in court.

What are the different types of adoption in Georgia?

Independent Adoption

Independent Adoption

Relative Adoption

Relative Adoption

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent Adoption

Adult Adoption

Adult Adoption

Besides adopting through an agency or foster care, hopeful parents in Waleska can choose to adopt a child through a private or independent adoption. This kind of adoption usually involves agreement between the birth parents and the adoptive parents, and an adoption lawyer is usually hired as an intermediary.

Another type of adoption that is increasingly common in Georgia is a relative or kinship adoption, in which a close family member adopts a younger member of the family. Reasons for relative adoption may include abuse, neglect, abandonment, the death of the child’s parents, or their inability to care for the child.

Stepparent adoption, in which a stepchild is adopted, is also a commonly sought form of adoption in Georgia. Adult adoptions, where an adult is adopted, may be sought to protect a family inheritance or formalize an established familial bond.

Speights Law has years of experience helping Waleska families adopt under Georgia law. Our knowledge of the Cherokee County court system and our dedication means your case will always be in good hands.

Waleska's Adoption Experts

We will make sure your Waleska adoption filing is done right and that your legal rights are protected.