Elder Care Law: Medicaid Planning

Preparing for the future as you or a loved one advances in age should include careful planning for long-term care. While no one wants to think about needing nursing home or assisted living care for themselves or an older family member, good planning strategies can make all the difference.

Most people don’t realize that Medicare stops paying for nursing home care after 100 days, and that even long-term care insurance doesn’t always cover everything. Nursing home costs – which average over $90,000 a year in Georgia – can quickly overwhelm even those who have carefully saved for retirement.

That is why Medicaid planning should be an important part of your family’s plan, and why you need an experienced elder law attorney to advise you properly and ensure you have everything in order. The elder law specialists at Speights Law can help you protect your family’s finances while ensuring you qualify for the excellent care you deserve. If you have countable assets over the Medicaid eligibility limit of $2000, call and talk to one of our elder law associates today.

Why Choose Speights Law?

Speights Law understands that elder care planning can be a difficult issue for families, so we bring compassion as well as expertise to every consultation. Attorneys Archie and Amanda Speights are well-versed in the intricacies of Georgia elder law statutes and procedures, and both have completed specialized training at the Elder Law College.

We have helped many Cherokee County families navigate the complexities of the Medicaid and long-term care planning process and we can help you, too. Call us at (770) 796-4029 today.

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