6 Reasons Couples End Their Marriages

Every marriage has its challenges. Some of these are very unique. Others are not. While some couples do manage to work their way through things and stay together, many marriages simply end.

You have been looking at your own marriage, trying to see the warning signs. Is your spouse going to ask for a divorce? You want to prepare yourself in advance, just in case. What should you look for?

To help you, below are six reasons that couples tend to get divorced:

1. Unmet expectations

Having unrealistic expectations in any part of life creates a lot of unnecessary stress. Some people expect marriage to go a certain way or they expect certain things from their partners. Even if those things are unrealistic, they feel let down when the marriage does not meet their expectations, and they decide to end it.

2. Adultery

Not all spouses remain faithful to the marriage. They may hide it for a while, but the truth usually comes out in the end. Someone finds out and breaks the news, the other spouse finally catches them or they wind up admitting it on their own. Adultery does not always lead to divorce, but it is very common. Some say it is still the main reason marriages end.

3. Not being ready

A young couple may think they are ready for marriage when they really have not prepared at all. About 50 percent of divorces happen in just 10 years, and people in their 20s have the highest divorce rate of any age group. A lot of them found out they were not ready for all marriage required of them and broke it off.

4. Abuse

Abuse takes many forms. Physical abuse and domestic violence often get the most headlines, but they do not exist alone. Some spouses practice financial abuse or emotional abuse. Any type of abuse can end a relationship.

5. Gaining weight

Yes, this does seem like a very shallow reason for divorce, but couples cite it far more often than you may think. For those who based their whole relationship on physical attraction, watching a partner gain weight can sometimes take away the only connection they had.

6. No communication

Communication is critical for any relationship. That’s true for business partners, dating couples and married couples. A serious lack can lead to many marital problems. Couples who do not talk about their issues often see no way to get past them other than ending the relationship.

Have you noticed any of these red flags in your own marriage? While they do not always lead to divorce, they do show up quite often, and it is very important to understand all of the rights you have during this process.

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