Laboratory Analysis and Challenging Drug Charges

Drug charges carry some of the harshest sentencing of any nonviolent crime in America, often unjustly resulting in years of incarceration.
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Police Need a Warrant to Track You by Your Cell Phone

Until last week, it was a practice by law enforcement officers in Georgia to locate fleeing suspects or establish someone’s location by contacting cell phone providers, who would willingly triangulate a suspect’s whereabouts using the information “pinged” back and forth to cell phone towers by that suspect’s phone.
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6 Reasons Couples End Their Marriages

Every marriage has its challenges. Some of these are very unique. Others are not. While some couples do manage to work their way through things and stay together, many marriages simply end.
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The Pitfalls of Adding Your Spouse’s Name to Pre-Marital Property

As a divorce attorney, we encounter the following scenario all too often: You received an inheritance and purchased your dream home in Cherokee County. Later, you met your dream spouse and got married.
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Understanding a Parenting Plan in Georgia

If you have a custody case, whether it is a divorce, legitimation, or modification of custody, a parenting plan is required. Below are some common questions clients often ask regarding parenting plans.
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The Divorce Process Starts with Stating Your Intentions

No one gets married with the idea that they will eventually divorce, but you could find yourself staring this situation in the face at some point. With so many challenges associated with the divorce process, you need to have a clear idea of your legal rights from the start.
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